My secret services guarantees 
I'm your secret weapon

I can’t get enough of epic branding + design that truly reflects my sista’s unique vibe and personality. But I bet you didn’t know I also have over 16 years in administration & business and technology skills under my belt… Yep! I hold a pretty impressive skill set.

Over the years I’ve assisted numerous directors and managers with tasks relating to sales, marketing, and corporate communication. I’ve also single handedly tamed 40+ building supervisors for a large corporation, covering the East coast of Australia, ranging from Hervey Bay, QLD to Port Macquiare, NSW.

In more recent years I’ve partnered with like-minded sista’s in Real Estate, PR & Marketing, and Sales to name a few. And of course my dōTERRA Diamond + above leaders. Oh how I love thee… you ladies speak my language!

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m not one to follow the pack. If I were anyone else I’d be known as a VA (Virtual Assistant), but me… I prefer Business Support. Why? Well truth be told, I find the term ‘Virtual Assistant’ comes with many different standards depending on who you work with. For me… I’m supporting YOU in business. I give you my ALL. I’m your wing women, your go-to, your secret weapon. I make life and running a business seamless.


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what do my business support services look like?

  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Social Media Account Set up
  • Calendy/Acuity
  • Typeform
  • Slack
  • Sendgrid
  • Zoom
  • Youtube

…Seriously. There’s far too many to list. Let’s chat and I can rattle off the whole list if you’re keen.

  • Email & calendar management
  • Make appointments/bookings
  • Tasks & reminders
  • Document creation (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF)
  • Mail merge (letters, invitations, name-tags & labels)
  • Document formatting
  • Proof reading & editing
  • Create reports
  • Create presentations
  • Spreadsheets & data entry
  • Create & maintain databases
  • Meeting agendas
  • Event planning
  • Event run sheets
  • Venue research & booking
  • Theme & event arrangements
  • Catering
  • Travel arrangements
  • Guest arrangements 
  • Research
  • Price comparisons
  • Hotel bookings
  • Flight bookings
  • Create itinerary
  • Travel amendments
  • Online check-in
  • Sales Funnels Setup
  • Marketing Strategy

In all honesty my design + marketing services go off like hot cakes!! 

I’m going to be 100% up front and honest (because there’s no better way to be). The list above is just snippet of what I offer.  

i'm sure you're wondering... 'why isn't this front page news'?

Well, truth be told, I only take on board a select number of Business Support clients who are like-minded and are 100% committed to having an ongoing partnership with me (there’s a trail period of course). Shacking up with me also means you have my whole skill set at your disposal. #winning

where to from here?

If having my whole skill set at your disposal + jumping aboard with an ongoing partnership sounds like heaven to you… Lets connect! I’ll openly discuss my prices & processes with you. Plus we can discuss our strategy moving forward. I’ll bring the virtual Tim Tams.

let's do this

Ready to join the exclusive group of like-minded women who have opened up the door to unlimited possibilities?


SIDE NOTE: You may notice my Business Support services are not listed in my Price Kit. As mentioned above, I only take on board a select number of Business Support clients who are like-minded and are committed to having an ongoing partnership with me.
To discover more book a Discovery Call (above) and let’s connect. And yes, my virtual Tim Tams are amazing.